Stamp Duty


What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is the tax payable to the government for changing the documents that specify who owns a particular property.

How much Stamp Duty will I have to pay?

Stamp duty is based on the type and cost of a property. A property is either a residential property, or a site.

How much Stamp Duty applies to a residential property?

Any amounts paid under the cut off of one million euro are taxed at 1%, amounts paid above this are taxed at 2%.


Property Value Rate

Property Value  Rate
Amounts up to €1,000,000  1%
Amounts over €1,000,000  2%





Commercial Property

Single Stamp Duty Rate 7.5%


When is Stamp Duty payable?

When closing the sale, your solicitor will calculate the exact stamp duty due and you will be required to pay this amount to the Revenue Commissioners. Your solicitor will usually arrange this payment.

Transitional Arrangements

If you have entered into a contract before 8 December 2010 and complete the purchase before 1 July 2011, your stamp duty will be calculated at the lower applicable rate, between the new and the old system.