Secrets To Selling


1. No Clutter 
Make sure your property is clutter free as this leads to a feeling of space and comfort.
2. Outside
Cut the lawn, weed the flower beds and tidy the yard. 
3. No Pets
Your pet may be your best friend but is probably not included in the sale. Minimise any signs of pets as not all purchasers will cherish ‘Max’ as much as you do. 
4. Beautiful Bathrooms
Depersonalise your bathroom. Find a cupboard for all of your shampoos, shower gels, etc.
5. Three is a Crowd
Most viewers feel uncomfortable if the owner of the property is in the house while they are viewing it. You will only get the best price if the viewers are comfortable.
6. Kitchen is King
The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house for a purchaser. Ensure that it is clean, fresh and enticing.
7. Fix It
If there are any dripping taps, blown bulbs or creaking doors fix, replace and oil them.
8. Financial Facts
Work out your financial situation including legal costs, selling costs, moving costs etc before placing your property on the market.
9. Be Decisive
Decide at the outset on the price that you will be happy to sell at, then stick to it.
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